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Career as Advertising Executive

Career as Advertising Executive


DESCRIPTION of Advertising Executive:


Advertising involves the process wherein a message is designed so as to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. Advertising, as an effective medium, uses a variety of techniques to create effective advertisements. A basic appeal is at the heart of advertising. The advertising industry has three major sectors: Business or organisation which wishes to advertise, media which provides the medium for advertising, and the ad-agency which creates the ad to suit the needs of the firm. Ad agencies vary in size and turnover. Nevertheless, the process of creating an ad remains the same. The link, between the client who wishes to advertise and the media where the ad appears, is the ad. Hence the people in an ad agency are specialists. They are Account Executives and Account Planners in the client servicing departments; media executives and planners who buy space in media; and there are creative executives or copywriters and visual producers who create the ad. 


• This person is the main planning executive who works in partnership with the client on long term account planning. He knows what is happening in the market place, and the attitude of the consumer towards the client's as well as the competitor's brands. 


• Represent the ad agency to their clients.
• Understand sales and advertising problems of the client and address the client's needs to the advertising approach.
• Supervise their team of people drawn from all departments while planning, scheduling and executing the assignment.
• Handle the business of a number of non-competing clients at the same time.
• Keep the client updated on the progress.

Creative Copywriter and Art Director
• Copy writer and art director work with their teams to create the real ad.
• They follow briefs from the Account Executive
• Discuss with the account planner
• Copy writers provide words, slogans, jingles which are read or heard in advertisements; or detailed text for catalogues, brochures, leaflets and journals.
• Copy writing also takes the form of scripts for television and film commercial advertisement.
• Creative director approves the final creative, which is then approved by the client.
• They send the design and copy to the production team for typesetting; photographs and drawings for printed advertisements; or films for television commercials.

Production team
• Photographers, Printers, Typesetters, Television Producers, etc form the production team.
• Most ad agencies coordinate with freelancers or established production units for the task to be completed.
• Production workers are concerned with all the technical processes of turning the final copy and art work into a real ad - for print, TV or radio.

Media Executive
• The main task of the media executive is to place the advertisements where they will be seen by the right target audience keeping the budget in mind. They are media planners or media buyers. 
• They plan, research, and buy space in the press, or time for commercial radio and television.
• Media planners have access to up-to-date information about each advertising medium.
• They create a detailed media plan
• Media buyers buy advertising time/space for the agency's client negotiating the best possible deal for the client.
• Media Sales are directly or indirectly employed by the media houses to promote their business among clients and agencies.


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 Employment Opportunities for Advertising Executive:


Advertising agencies, Marketing and Public Relations divisions of companies/ Service industry, Market Research companies Commercial Radio or TV, Dotcoms, Print media, Multinational advertising firms. 

Top Recruiting Companies:
• Canon India
• Essar
• GE Capital
• Lowe Lintas
• Microsoft
• Nestle
• Ogilvy & Mather
• Proctor & Gamble
• Reinfusion
• Unilever
• Yahoo India


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How to become Advertising Executive?


Path 1:

• Class XII
Stream: Any
• Graduation
Social Science (Humanities) subject
• Masters
Mass Com/ Media/ Advertising
• Goal
Advertising Executive

Path 2:

• Class XII
Stream: Any
• Graduation
• PG Diploma/ Degree
Mass Com/ Advertising
• Goal
Advertising Executive

Path 3:

• Class XII
Stream: Any
• Graduation
• PG Diploma/ Degree
Media Management
• Goal
Advertising Executive

Path 4:

• Class XII
Stream: Commerce
• Graduation
Commerce/ BBA
• Diploma
• Goal
Advertising Executive

After Class XII, Graduation in Behavioral Science or Commerce or Integrated Graduate course in Advertising or any other subject. This can be followed by a Postgraduate degree or diploma in Business Administration (MBA) or Communication Management/ Advertising/ Media Management/ Mass Communications.


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Median Pay Scale of Advertising Executive :

1.2 Lakh to 3 Lakhs per annum
(Salary data sourced from


Top Advertising Executive Colleges in India:


Banaras Hindu University
The Delhi School of Communication
Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)
National Institute of Advertising
Sophia Shree B.K Somani Polytechnic
University of Mumbai
University of Pune
Xavier Institute of Communications
• Bhavan's Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication & Management, Mumbai
Chennai Institute of Communication
Jamia Millia Islamia

Top Post Graduate College In India :

Chennai Institute of Communication
Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication
School of Broadcasting and Communication
Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya
University of Delhi

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