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Proofreading is the reading of a galley proof or an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art.Proofreaders are expected to be consistently accurate by default because they occupy the last stage 
Proofreaders get involved after others, such as of typographic production before publication. 
A proofreader performs a 'quality check' on publications, usually just before they are due to go to print. 
the author, editor and typesetter, have done their jobs. It is the proofreader's role to act as a fresh pair of eyes, spotting any mistakes others might have missed. 

Proofreaders check that:
• the text matches the original
• spelling and style are correct and consistent
• page numbers, headings and captions are correct
• photos and illustrations are correctly captioned.


job responsibility of PROOF READER

• Scrutinise documents in minute detail in order to identify errors
• Identify the common proof errors that are often missed by writers and editors
• Use a structured proofreading process to ensure error-free copy
• Mark up copy using the classic proofreading correction marks
• Proofread long documents patiently and without losing concentration
• Spot and correct mistakes in grammar and punctuation
• Spot and correct errors in capitalisation and hyphenation
• Recognise a wide range of words and identify when they are used or spelled wrongly
• Use agreed (or house) style rules to ensure consistency
• Judge when to change something and when to leave it as it is
• Query decisively and effectively when there may be an ambiguity in the text.


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 Employment Opportunities for PROOF READER:


The job of a publisher involves everything from selecting and commissioning manuscripts to binding and marketing, the publishing process can mainly be divided into editorial, designing, production, advertising, publicity and marketing. Therefore Career opportunities in the book publishing industry in India are diverse. The publishing industry mainly accommodates people interested in creative writing, editing, marketing and also DTP Operators, Page makers, designers, Cameramen, Printers and binders. 
One can pursue a career in publishing as a proof-reader, project assistant, copy editor, assistant editor, sub- editor, subject editor, research editors, authors and editors at the editorial board. In the production area one can enter as an assistant production executive. 
One could also work in publishing houses of organisations that are subsidized or run by public trust funds are the National Book Trust, NCERT and the Children's Book Trust. Some major universities have also set up publishing departments that bring out academic works. 
Publishers, graphic design houses and printers employ proofreaders on a full-time and freelance basis. Other potential employers or clients include any organisations that produce a lot of published materials, from retail chains to government bodies.


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How to become PROOF READER?

Although this area of work is open to all graduates, a degree in the following subjects may increase your chances: 
• publishing/publishing studies; 
• media/electronic media. 
Graduates with a technical or science-based degree may find it easier to obtain freelance work for specialist publishers and society journals, particularly in the early stages of their career. 
Entry with an HND or foundation degree only is unlikely, unless you can demonstrate an aptitude for the work and/or some highly relevant experience. 
A relevant postgraduate qualification in publishing can increase your chances. There is a wide range of publishing qualifications available and it's important to choose one that is relevant to your interests and career plans 

Candidates will need to show evidence of the following: 
• a thorough knowledge of English language (or the language the publication is written in); 
• a methodical working style; 
• concentration, accuracy and great attention to detail; 
• the ability to multitask; 
• tact and diplomacy for negotiating changes with authors; 
• the ability to work to tight deadlines; 
• self-motivation; 
• IT skills.


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Median Pay Scale / salary of PROOF READER :

As far as remuneration in publishing sector is concerned, one can expect, at the initial stage, salary between Rs 8000-Rs15000 per month. The experienced persons can get around Rs. 20000 - Rs25000 per month. Those working as a senior editor in a publication house can receive around Rs50000 and above.

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