Career as Signwriter


Career as Signwriter


DESCRIPTION of Signwriter:


Signwriting is a traditional craft, used to produce hand-painted signs for places like historic buildings, fairgrounds and pubs, and also on classic vehicles and boats. If you have creativity and good drawing skills, this job could suit you well. 
In this job you will also need to have good spelling and grammar. You will need to know a range of lettering styles. 
You don't need any specific qualifications to get into this job. However, you may have an advantage if you have a qualification in a subject like art and design, design and technology, or graphic design. 
You will need colour-normal vision.


job responsibility of Signwriter

• preparing and laying out designs and lettering
• measuring and calculating letter size
• preparing surfaces
• applying paint backgrounds by brush, spray or roller
• tracing designs onto the wood, metal or glass
• hand-painting designs and lettering using special brushes, enamel paint and gold leaf
• repainting and retouching signs on site.


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 Employment Opportunities for Signwriter:


Demand for traditional signwriting skills has been declining for a number of years, and not many traditional signwriters remain. However, a few shops still have hand-painted signs, and there is some demand for traditional signs from TV, film and theatre. 
If you want to specialise in this field, you will probably have to be self-employed.


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How to become Signwriter?

There are no set qualifications for becoming a signwriter, although you may have an advantage if you have GCSEs or similar qualifications in subjects such as art or design and technology. 
You could also specialise in signwriting after completing a BTEC HNC/HND in graphic design. 
You will need colour-normal vision. 

Training and development 
You may be able to find a signwriter who is willing to train you. Your training would normally be on-the-job. You could develop your skills by taking part-time courses in graphic design. 
Some traditional signwriters offer short courses in specific skills, such as gold leaf gilding


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Median Pay Scale / salary of Signwriter :

As signwriters are usually self-employed, their earnings can vary greatly, depending on demand and on their success in marketing their services.

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