Busting myths on career in psychology

Busting myths on career in psychology
30 July 2019
  When I say the word “psychology”, you  will picture a someone laying on coach sharing his/her feeling  to a person  making notes on the feeling expressed. 
Psychology isn’t limited to counseling and listening to people’s  feelings, it goes much beyond that. Those working in this field would describe it as science , philosophy and even an art.  From helping the police to come up with a likely profile of a serial murderer to develop just the right incentive system for the salespeople of an organization, careers in psychology can be quite interesting. Advertising and marketing world often need vital inputs of psychology experts to come up with effective advertising campaigns and manufacturing firms need their assistance in coming up with just the right products.
Did you know that even NASA uses services of psychologists to design cockpits or psychologists offer services to furniture designing firms to come up with designs tailor made for their targeted clientele?
Before you fully decide to become a psychologist, you need to decide if it is is truly a discipline you want to devote time into.

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Most student hesitate to enter this field, because they have the misconception that only a PhD degree in psychology is way to a good job and mere psychology  graduates with bachelors degree have a hard time finding jobs. It is true you do a need PhD. and masters to earn a higher job title in this field but a Bachelors degree  won’t leave you sitting at home. Students face difficulty in job search only because they are unaware of various sectors or industries they find jobs in.
We have listed down the job opportunities for a psychology graduate which are quite in demand but still unexplored- 


  • Pursuing a career as a laboratory assistant is a great way to put a bachelor's degree in psychology to good use. 
  • Laboratory assistants are heavily involved in research and experimental psychology, two subjects covered in undergraduate psychology programs.
  • Psychology lab assistants often work in government agencies, university Laboratory Assistant psychology programs, and private sector business that studies human behavior.
  • Earning a bachelor's degree in psychology is great preparation for a career as a market researcher. 
  • Pyschology graduates are at a advantageous position while applying for this position since some much of career discoverly involves self discovery. psychology graduates are uniquely qualified to help individuals in the career discovery process.
  • A professional with degree in pyschology is also useful for career counseling companies for designing their pyschometric test or career assessment test. Since these tese analyse one's personality, skills, aptitude, interest, intelligence level and related socio-economic factors and then, suggest best suitable career choices for a student.   
  • Also Career counselors  you will not only be responsible for helping the student/working professional in finding suitable career path but also help them to deal with job related stress and deal with various phases in the working life of a person.
  • Advertising careers often involve developing persuasive advertisements and researching a target audience to create product messaging. 
  • Psychology graduates are a good fit for just about any advertising career as the science of persuasion and research are major topics of this undergraduate major.
  • Another entry-level job of having a psychology degree is the human resource personnel position. This is for people who prefer the organizational setting over the clinical or business setting. 
  • One of its main duties is to motivate its employees to maintain  their good performance and productivity. 
  • Pyschology graduates are very useful in drafting a performance appraisal reports and decideing on job satisfaction techniques for its employees
  • Most companies generally prefer atleast one psychologist in its interview panel during a hiring process. 
  • To tap into this field, you will need a B.A. degree in Psychology as well as a B.Ed. program in Special Education.
  • There are psychology graduates who have the cause of students with different types of disabilities - physical or mental - at heart.
  • Opportunities as a special education teacher is aplenty as enrollments in Special Education Programs are on a rise and the awareness in parents of disabled/afflicted/mentally retarded children is increasing.
  • Completing a bachelor's degree in psychology typically requires a lot of writing. In fact, psychology is one of the most writing intensive majors next to English.
  • Psychology graduates are well prepared for a number of writing careers including technical writer, newspaper reporter, and advertising copywriters.
  • A bachelor's degree in psychology helps students acquire a variety of interpersonal communication skills that uniquely qualify them for both sales and marketing positions. 
  • Prospective employers like the fact that many psychology graduates are well spoken and are able to communicate effectively. 
  • They also have a good understanding of human behavior, which is an essential quality of top sales representatives.


  • This field deals with the diagnosis, understanding and treatment of psychological disorders.
  • As clinical psychologist, one can work independently or join a clinic, health center, Hospital or NGOs.
  • In India, a clinical psychologist will have to do a MA or M.Sc in Psychology or Applied Psychology followed by a two-year M Phil in Psychology to fulfill the minimum requirements specified by the Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology. 
  • Child psychologists deal with psycho-motor, cognitive, emotional and social development of children and infants.
  • They can again work in child therapy centers, schools, NGOs. Child psychologists also play a big role in special education.
  • Counseling is a generic term for all kinds of assistance psychologists provide to people dealing with any type of problem - be it career planning, difficult in handling the social issues, emotional problems, matrimonial or parenting crisis, dealing with divorce or your past, and domestic violence.
  • A counselor offers support, consultation, techniques and therapies to the client and ensures his or her healthy development.
  • You can specialise and work as drug and substance counselor, marriage and family therapist etc.
  • Forensic psychology is the red hot psychology job trend that you might want to try and has certainly gained its celebrity status due to how it is portrayed in TV shows, movies and detective novels.
  • Besides working with the police investigators on murders and rape cases, forensic psychologists may also work in assessing insurance claims and cases of child custody.
  • A career in forensic Psychology requires a PhD in Psychology from a recognized University. A twin degree in Psychology and Criminology at the graduate postgraduate level can increase your chances of being a success in a field too.
  • Sports psychology deals with the study of factors that can impact an athlete’s performance, including cognitive, emotional, motivational and physiological factors.
  • They can work with sports teams, sports coaching centers, academies, and leagues.
  • As an industrial psychologist or organizational psychologist, you can help employees to improve their work performance, improve their work behavior, and build their job-related skills.
  • Assess people for promotion, determine training needs, and make people-related decisions that play an important role overall performance of the organization.
  • Today, industrial psychology forms part of every psychology program offered by Indian universities and one can specialize in it at the Master's level.
  • Psychologists who develop learning materials and understand the aspects of human learning are called educational psychologists.
  • They could, for example, enhance one’s reading skills through a developed or new technique. 


  One great benefit of earning a degree in pyschology ois that you can purue a career path that is well-aligned to your passions and interest and also open gates for a range of different professions. A student who enjoys working with young children can  work as a career counselor, special need teacher, educational pyschologist etc and student interested in business world can join as a human resource personal, Industrial /Organizational Psychologist, sales representative etc. 
The skills that you acquire during your study of pyschology such analyzing data, communicating complex information and understanding human behaviour are all abilities that are highly prized by employers. 

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