Career as Psychologist

Career as Psychologist
30 July 2019

There are two kinds of profile you can build :

1) Research                          2) Practice


Common Undergraduate Degree : B.A. or B.Sc. in Psychology , Sociology, Human Development, etc


1) Careerpath as Clinical Psychologist :

  • P.G. :M.A., M.Phil in Medical & Social Psychology (clinical psychologist), M.A (Psychology), MPHIL (Psychology), M. Phil in medical and social psychology


  • Certificate in Psychiatric Social Work : Project Cycle Management, Psychological Counseling and Assessment, Psychodiagnostics, Psychotherapy, and Social Development Research


  • Counsellor/Psychotherapy/Psychiatrist :  M.A. Applied Psychology, Specialisation in Counselling Psychology, M.Psy. HRDM (Masters’ in Psychology, Human Resource Management and Development) from Department of Psychology.
  • MSW (Medical & Psychiatric)
  • Diploma in counseling techniques
  • Certificate Course in Cogitation and Problem Solving


Job opportunities and responsibilities :

De-addiction and psychiatric hospital : Psychiatric therapist, Assistance Occupational therapy, Vocational Therapy, Rehabilitation, Counselling, Patient Management, Group Activities, De addiction.

NGOs : Inpatient and Outpatient services, Organising Medical Camps, Conducting base line survey on the Public Health Status, Survey on Child Illiteracy through Child Line, Tribal Survey and Distribution of supplies to Tribal People.

Old Age homes : Worked in different programme like old age people pension, and their case study.

Working in psychiatric settings, counselling techniques, treatment for psychiatric patient, conducting different awareness programmes.



2) Career as Career Counsellor :

One year Diploma in Educational, Vocational, Counseling and Guidance, 1990, N.C.E.R.T, New Delhi.



3) Career as Industrial Psychologist

M.A. (Industrial Psychology) for Careerpath as HR position in an organization where you can optimize the use of training and soft skills as an Industrial Psychologist.

Expertise in Talent acquisition, Coaching, Counseling, Psychometric testing , Retention strategy and Industrial dispute resolution

Trained in Industrial Psychology with certifications in psychometric testing , employee selection and interview techniques ( Competency based structured Interviews) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy( CBT).


  • ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR – Industrial Psychology

Additional qualifications in  Masters in SOFT SKILLS AND COMMUNICATIONS

Behavioral and Soft Skills training :

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Effective Communication Skills
Leadership Development

Team Building

Problem Solving

Analytical reasoning & intelligence tests.

Emotional Intelligence

Listening Skills

Conflict handling & Negotiation

Stress Prevention &  Management

Effective Time Management ( work and rest)

Positive reinforcement techniques for self and others

Organizational Behavioral training

Anger management & Emotional Catharsis

Impression Management

Confidence building

Personality Development

Health and Hygiene Management.

Sales techniques and processes.

Vedic Interpretations on Modern Management




4) Careerpath as Trainer :

  • Certified Trainer on Management Development Programs like :

Managerial and Supervisory Training

Human Resources Management Training

Career Development Training

Certified Trainer on Psychometric tests like MBTI and FIRO-B by Asianic Psychologists Press

Diploma in Training and Development from Indian Society of Training and Development.


  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership 

Units include:

• Leadership

• Instructional Leadership

• Staff Development

• Counselling 

• Pastoral Skills for Effective leadership

• Organisational Theory and Behaviour

• Leadership in Community

• Economic, Legal and Industrial Studies

• Policy Formation Change and Decision Making


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