Global Chartered Accountant - CPA & ACCA

Global Chartered Accountant - CPA & ACCA
30 July 2019


Excellence in the Accounting Profession - THE CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT

The success of any business depends on how its finances are tracked and handled. You have to monitor continuously the assets, income, and expenditure. This helps you in making quick correction of any error or mishandling at any level. The accounting profession is not just an instrument for preparing financial statements or performing audit. Recording financial transactions, computing and analyzing costs, evolving steps for reducing cost, adopting new technologies for enhancing efficiency, and managing quality are some of the other functions. Launching new ventures also requires services from the accounting fraternity. Financial information, as interpreted by professional accountants, allows executives to make informed business decisions. We know about the services of the Chartered Accountants trained by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. There are similar bodies at the global level. We will focus on two such bodies that enjoy reputation in this field—the US-based CPA (Certified Public Accountants) and the UK-based ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Both are popular in many countries, including those in the Gulf. 

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ACCA - A Global Body of Professional Accountants 
We have briefly discussed the merits of the accounting profession in the wide world of careers. The significant aspects of CPA have also been mentioned in the previous chapter. Accountancy offers fascinating challenges in the competitive world of business. 

The vibrant professional has to be sensitive to the constantly changing needs of the market. He has to update his knowledge and skills. The remuneration is handsome. If you have to succeed in the profession at the global level, a qualification you can keep in mind is the membership of the UK-based ACCA— Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. 

The ACCA provides accounting knowledge and skills that are essential for success in the profession through serving in diverse sectors, such as private, public, and government, or through building your own private practice. 

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