Types of Parenting style | How to improve your relationship with your child

Types of Parenting style | How to improve your relationship with your child
30 July 2019


Parenting styles are certain strategies and ways adopted by parents in order to bring up their child. These ways of parenting would generally differ from parent to parent.

When the child is very young the environment of the house is the first exterior world that the child is exposed to and anything inculcated or encompassed on to the child would be grasped very quick.


There are certain forms of parenting and they are

1. Authoritarian: highly disciplinary

Authoritarian parents are often termed to be parents who are inflexible and quite stern. These parents would not really permit their children to be vocal about their opinions and thoughts.

Traits of authoritarian parents are:

  1. Communication that takes place is mostly only one way.
  2. Less care and sense of nurture towards their children.
  3. Very rigid and firm with their opinions
  4. No scope for negotiations and the act of punishing as a solution is very common.
  5. High expectations for their children and as a result choose to stay disappointed most of the times.

Outcome of authoritarian parenting, How does your child grow as an adult?

As mentioned earlier authoritarian parents want their child to function in their way and their child going against them even for once would be an intolerable situation for them.

As a result such parents are giving rise to children possessing the following traits:

  1. Poor decision makers.
  2. Growing as individuals who always self –doubt.
  3. Being hesitant in raising their notions.
  4. Easily manipulated
  5. Always at a vulnerable position to the world beyond the four walls.

2. Permissive parenting : indulgent parents

Permissive parents let the idea of pampering their child flow all the way; very limited guidance or even rules would be present from their end with excessive care nurture and pampering.

Traits of permissive parents are:

  1. Setting no rule for their child
  2. Completely indulgent without being firm
  3. Acting as friends more than parents
  4. Allowing their children to figure everything out in their own without being responsible for their actions
  5. Very warm and nurturing
  6. The scope of communication is never rigid but allowing the child to do what he believes in is always present.
  7. Always believe in rewarding than punishing.

Outcome of permissive parenting, How will they turn out as individuals?

Children who have permissive parents don’t really have the habit of listening to a “NO”, because their parents have never objected their opinions or actionsbasic traits of children having such parents include :

  1.  Feeling astonished to have faced rejection from the other half of the world.
  2. Turning to be good decision makers because of being used to taking one.
  3. Inconsiderate regarding someone else’s opinions
  4. Strong headed and also warm when needed.
  5. Finding the need to be nurtured and cared for quite often.

3. Authoritative parenting: the ideal parents

Authoritative parents are the most ideal parents, every child wishes for guidance and warmth both and such qualities immensely present in parents like these because they include characteristics such as:

  1. Supportive and highly encouraging
  2. Warm and also do know where their child has to be restricted
  3. Seek efforts for healthy parent -child relationship.
  4. Communication takes place both the ways.
  5. Looking up to their children with high regards and positivity.

How do children of authoritative parents turn out to be?

  1. Children who do have authoritative parents are great in terms of communication skills.
  2. Cooperative, at the same time have firm grounds.
  3. Optimistically driven towards life.
  4. Good decision makers.


How to improve your relationship with your child: be great parents!!!!

At the time when the child grows the gap between them and their parents lengthen in terms of bond and communication. It becomes important for the parents to bridge this to strengthen their relationship.

Ways in which methods of your parenting can be improved are:

1 . Prime time :

There is nothing more powerful than a deep conversation and it is only possible if you are ready to spend quality time with your young one. Spending time does not really mean taking your kids for extravagant restaurants a meaningful conversation while you’re driving your child to the school is more than enough.

2Prioritizing Family bond more than the wifi connection :

Turning off the music when your child is expressing something, turning the phone over or even peaceful conversations at the dining table keeping gadgets aside contribute a lot to healthy relationship between parent and child.

3. Welcoming emotions :

Being strong in terms of emotions at the same time allowing projection of emotions is what should be taken into account while bringing up the child. When the child expresses emotions without being hesitant that indicates that the child has the most faith and feels that he would be willingly accepted with these emotions if not out at least at home which is great.

Expression of emotions should be both ways, parents should not feel sceptical on expressing their love and concern that they have for their child.

Also accepting their ambitions and acknowledging their talents and interest relating to career paths is an important step to good parenting, CLICK HERE-> TO HELP YOUR CHILD SELECT A CAREER THAT MATCHES HIS INTEREST, APTITUDE AND PERSONALITY.

4Setting reasonable rules :

Setting rules that are not beyond the margin and yet rational is what should be done by each parent. We are currently living in the 21st century and the parent must construct rules accordingly. At the time of bringing up the child, reasonability in terms giving the child adequate leverage at the same time knowing where to draw the line is to be considered.

5  . Reward over punishment :

Punishing your child maybe the quickest way to have things done your way but it affect negatively in the long run, in a way you are teaching your child to develop a negative dominant personality who chooses to be aggressive to have work done WHICH IS MORALLY WRONG .

Other way to bring up your child positively is to appreciate him for even his smallest achievements; the rewarding does not really have to be anything materialistic, phrases that would generate positive emotions in the child such as “ I am proud of you “ or “you make us so happy “ are nothing less than miracles for the child .

Being a parent can be really challenging sometimes keeping your own emotions aside and considering your child’s, is something you should be proud of.

It is really important to be composed, polite and stable as a person to become a parent who wants to see have his child such emotions too, you need to keep yourself positive and humble to see your child be so.

Believe it or not your kids secretly do idealise you, they may be hesitant to accept so but they really do thus think about this before being harsh to them. 


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