Unexplored MBA specializations

Unexplored MBA specializations
30 July 2019


Contrary to the popular belief, the top reason for unemployed mba graduates isn't lack of job, reasons are lack of skills possessed by the candidate and other reason is lack of interest or misfit personality to perform a particular job.


While, a student puts in all his hardwork while preparing MBA entrance exam, GD,PI session and getting a admission in a reputed management institute, but all his handwork go down the drain, because while choosing a specialisation they usually go what their friends are choosing or for a specialisation which has higher scope, in demand or which gets them a high paying job. Most students are even unaware for specialisations available apart from marketing, finance and HR. Student usually fail to look at the bigger picture. The types of jobs which you will be eligible for in the future, the kind of life you live for next  40-50 years will be determined by the specialisation you choose in mba program. 

The first wise step is to choose a specialisation known yourself first,  understand your strengths, weakness, like, dislikes talk to a career guidance coach or take an assessment test. A career counselor or a assessment test would be of a great help, as we at Allegiance Educare,  will help in finding not only the right specialisation but a job title  which is perfect fit according to your aptitude, personality and interest.
The second step would be to research and understand about the various mba specialisation available in India and abroad. To make your process easy below we have listed MBA specialistions with lesser known but has great career prospects.  



If you want to pursue a career in financial sector but have interest in logistics, import export, supply chain management or want to travel abroad fopr your work then this course would be perfect for you.  MBA in International Business course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations.

 It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. Any graduate can apply for this course. 
Syllabus for MBA in International business includes-

Job prospects-
-Export managers and executives
-Export coordinator
-International Finance Manager
-Management Consultant
-Material Manager
-Supplier chain Manager
-Investment Banking Manager.
MBA in Operation Management course makes a student efficient in managing the process behind the successful production and distribution of a product in an organization. As an operation manager, you are required to ensure that the business operations are efficient and effective in terms of meeting consumer requirements. 
 It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. Any graduate can apply for this course. 
Syllabus for MBA in operations includes-


Job prospects-
-Operation Manager
-Sales Operational Officer
-Section Manager
-Supervising Analyst-Quality and Risk management
-Plant/Facility Manager
-Logistics/Distribution Manager
MBA in IT is designed to educate & develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, usage & administration of emerging and converging information & communications technologies. IT graduates play an essential role in the business team, typically in designing and implementing hardware and software solutions to solve business problems. Graduates in any stream can pursue MBA in IT. 
It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams B.sc- I.T/ B.SI.T graduates preferred. 
Job prospects-
-CTOs (Chief Technology officer)
-CIOs (Chief information officers)
-Information technology directors
-Informationsystem managers
-Project manager it software
-Program manager
-Corpoprate strategy manager 
MBA in Rural Management would provide you a thrilling experience to explore the unexplored landscapes of India. It would also offer you immense prospects to work with reputed corporate brands because corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a mandatory requirement that needs to be discharged by all the companies listed on the stock exchange of India.
It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. Any graduate can apply for this course. 
Syllabus for MBA in Rural management includes-

Job prospects- 
A graduate can work as research officer/ rural development officer/ business development manger with
 -the Government of India's rural development project(s)
-Association with Non-Government Organization(s)
-Research institutes conducting extensive research on rural areas
- Join hands with United National and its subsidiary social research agencies.

MBA in Healthcare sector prepares its students for a various management position in the industry like Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, facilities for elderly care and public health agencies. . This industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the time as the concept of the healthcare sector is now going beyond the hospitals due to the positive shift in demand for superior health care facilities and rising awareness by the people. 
It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. B.SC graduates preferred.
Syllabus for MBA in Healthcare includes-

Job prospects- 
-Health Administrator
-Talent Acquisition Consultant
-Oncology Coordinator
-Health Information Manager
-Health Policy Analyst
-Healthcare Business Consultant
-Policy Researcher
-Hospital CEO
-Practice Manager
-Physician Relations Liaison
-Nursing Management


If you are a person who loves to travel and interacting with people and wish to have a job where you get paid to travel then this MBA specialization is meant for you. A student pursuing MBA in this specialized field will have a wide scope on the national and international level. This course covers the fundamentals of the tourism business, trade and travel, tour studies, hospitality management, eco tourism, tour operation and national and international tourism management. 
It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. Any graduate can apply for this course. 
Syllabus for MBA in Tourism and hospitality includes-

Job prospects- 
-State Tourism Development Corporation
-Tour Operator
-Entrepreneur of Travel Agency
-Shipping and Cruise Line director
-Aviation Industry or Airport Administration
-Hotel hospitality department
-Restaurant/Hotel manager
-Travel Writer/Photographer
MBA in Media management helps in enhancing your skills and gain expertise through various mode like Television, Print, Advertising, Photography, Broadcasting, Digital and Publishing in Entertaining, educating, communicating and persuading mass at the same point of time.
It is a two year program with admission through CAT, CET, XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. Any graduate can apply for this course. 
Syllabus for MBA in Media management includes- 
Job prospects- 
-Media Strategist
-Media Analyst
-TV Producer
-Audio-Video Editor
-Digital Media Analyst
-Channel Head
-Media Manager
-Branding Executives
-Promotion and Event managers
-Celebrity Financial Manager
 MBA in Textile management is more than just weaving and knitting such as distribution, pricing, and marketing strategies development, identifying the current and upcoming fashion trend. To pursue a career in this field you need to have an innovative mind, understanding of the textile industry can handle criticism and can perform under high-stress situation also.
It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT,SNAP, IIFT etc exams. Students textile, designing degrees preferred. 
Syllabus for MBA in Textile management includes-
Job prospects- 
-Concept designer
-Purchasing assitant
-Junior logistics manager
-Product specialist
-Quality control supervisor
-Product Developer
In Agri Management specialization, an MBA aspirant learns to manage companies which process, market, and merchandise agricultural products for consumers. The student must understand the management, marketing, and finance functions with an emphasis on specialized requirements of the agribusiness sector. All you need is a graduation degree in a course of your choice and then you can pursue MBA in Agri business Management. It is a two year course.
Admission creteria is Bsc degree with graduation in agriculture, home science or life science preferred. 
Syllabus for MBA in Agri-Business Management includes-
Job prospects-
You can work as operation officer, relationship manager, credit analyst, sales representative etc with-
-Corporate & retail agriculture sector
-Food & supply dept
-Agricultural product processing companies
This course is designed to emphasize the skill set necessary to effectively manage clinical research for clinical trials to research treatment regimens, medications, diagnostic products and its safety.
It is a two- thress year program depending on college. Eligibility is bsc graduate with biology/botony/ genetics as subjects taken. 
Syllabus for MBA in Clinical Research Management-


Job prospects-
You can work as Research associate/manager,  Clinical research analyst or  Researcher & professor with-
Contract research organisations
Pharmaceutical companies
Colleges and universities. 

 This field of the MBA aims to mix business and legal education. It suitable for the candidates who wants to join  police, law, Social service or detective department. 
It is a two year program with admission through CAT,XAT, CMAT etc exams. Students law, pyschology degrees, bsc in life science preferred.  Many colleges also conduct their own entrance test. 
Syllabus for MBA in Criminlogy management-
Job prospects-
-Community corrections coordinator
-Consumer advocate
-Crime intelligence analyst
-Drug policy advisor
-Regional crime prevention controller
-Drug reform researcher
-Environment protection analyst
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