Video Presentation Tips To Help You Give A Great Presentation

Video Presentation Tips To Help You Give A Great Presentation
21 January 2022

Video Presentation Tips To Help You Give A Great Presentation


Video presentations play a crucial part in business development and marketing. Whether making a new business pitch, talking at a conference, meeting with a customer, or addressing a webinar, compelling presentations can make a real difference. However, as significant as video presentations are, they can usually be treated as an afterthought. 

Also, numerous marketers and business administrators settle for mediocre video presentations at best and terrible presentations on the worst days. While it is understandable that not everyone can make exceptional presentations, there are some ways you can make your video presentations shine. Below are some simple tips that will assist you in creating compelling and persuasive presentations using an online video maker. 

Tips to Give an Exceptional Video Presentation

Video presentations are now winning over online audiences and assisting marketers and business owners in communicating their passion, vision, and message. Below are some of the top tips to keep in mind while giving a video presentation. 

Consider the Video Setting Upfront.

Before designing a video presentation, a vital element is the presentation setting. Is it virtual or in-person? A breakout session or keynote address? Informal setting or formal? 

Whatever the video presentation backdrop, your approach to devising and delivering the presentation should factor in the unique video setting and respond appropriately. 

Eliminate the Ambient Sound 

Remaining on sound, you want to discover a peaceful place to create your video presentation. Shut all the windows, and ask your family members to turn down the music or avoid any other sound while you record. 

Spend Time Developing Excellent Content

Content is the core of your video presentation, as an exceptional presentation begins and ends with compelling content. Therefore, it is better that you should never shortchange your online audience by shortchanging the action you spend on creating persuasive content.

Have One Principal Topic per Slide

It is best to make only one principal topic per slide. Remain brief and readable, and do not attempt to cover too much information on a single presentation slide. Instead, keep your video presentation concentrated on hammering home the primary point. 

Use the Perfect Lighting.

When making a video presentation, people do not think about lighting. Not only good audio, but the lighting can also have a significant effect on video quality. You should never put any windows or lights behind you as it will affect the light levels on your video presentation. 

Keep the Video Presentation Short.

Keep your video short and engaging, as any video presentation longer than three minutes will encounter a sharp reduction in audience viewing. 

Use Data Wisely

Data can be beneficial or wrong in a presentation, depending on its use. Try to avoid using graphs and excel charts, as these are virtually impossible to make sense of on a screen and will undoubtedly distract your online audience from listening to you. 

Use a Strong Presentation Structure.

A strong structure needs to be followed while making the presentation. No matter how persuasive the content of your speech is, it will make your video presentation fall flat, as a strong structure will carry your audience towards a powerful climactic conclusion. 

Use Illustrations 

When attempting to give an excellent video presentation to your audience, nothing beats using illustrations and examples. By incorporating illustrations and examples in your video presentation, you can better explain your topics and ensure that it lasts in the audiences' mind for an extended time. 

Have an Effortless Solution 

The concluding few slides of your video presentation should not be excessively information-heavy. The information should be presented effortlessly. Also, note that you should keep it in the middle section and make the last slides effortless to understand. 

Have a Substantial, Professionally Devised Slide Deck

Regardless of how compelling the quality of your video content might be, a flawed slide deck layout can be distracting —even if your business is not in an "innovative" industry. Moreover, a design still matters and can harm your presentation, so your slide deck pattern should remain professional. Hence, to make your video visuals smooth and effective, you can make use of some of the top-notch online video maker that help to make your video look professional and captivating.

Narrate Compelling Stories

The most promising presenters across the globe are also excellent storytellers. One of the best methods to entertain an online audience and make a continuing impression is to employ stories and images to bring context and clarity to your topics. 

Have a Digital Goodie

Have an online goodie at the end! Everyone values earning things, and it should never stop simply because you are online. In addition, digital goodies may contain a downloadable PDF or record that includes more research or a list of applicable sources related to your video presentation.

Avoid Using Too Many Bullets in One Slide

Nothing gets mishandled in video presentations more than bullet points. Also, a slide full of bullet points will unquestionably guarantee that your attendees will stop listening to you and read what's on the video slide. 

Do Not Simply Read It

When creating an engaging video presentation, it is better to make it conversational and not like you are just reading it. By following this tip, you can ensure that your target audience remains glued to the video presentation and never gets bored by the presentation you give. 

End with Humor

One of the most suitable ways to end a presentation is to add humor. Also, if you do it accurately, you can leave a significant impression on your online audience that will endure for days, weeks, or months!

Have a Precise Ending

Avoid the awkward video presentation and present an end slide with your virtual presentation. Also, it can be a simple recap of the video presentation or a compelling call to action.

Lead with a Call to Action

Calls to action (CTA) remain driven by emotion, and they work because we usually react to emotion over reason. If your business proposes a unique answer to an existing problem, try concentrating on the emotional benefits over statistics for better understanding. 

Use Excellent Images

Images are to a video presentation matter a lot. Without images, your video presentation gets bland. It lacks the required fizz to keep the audience hooked. However, note that you should never use irrelevant images. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, there are numerous ways to build compelling ways to create video presentations. However, the final takeaway is that you should never treat your video presentations like an afterthought and follow these tips to make your presentation impactful. 

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