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We provide best career guidance in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India through an online career assessment test. Our career assessment test in Mumbai  has been designed by industry experts and certified career counselling mentors. It includes a detailed career assessment report spanning 36 pages and face to face career counselling in Mumbai. Our career counselling in India is rated among the top and our career counsellors in Mumbai are highly skilled professional and experienced individuals. 

Who needs career counselling in  Mumbai and when? 

Though it is widely believed only student or job seekers who are confused about a career or job requires a counsellor, this, is not the fact, as everyone should do their career counselling.  As career counselling in Mumbai  is not about getting information about a particular career or job it also includes knowing your abilities, learning about alternative and new career options, etc. It basically means making a road map for your future goals. So it's advisable for every student in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Are you looking for career counsellors in Mumbai, Maharashtra?

Our Career Guidance Counsellors can guide you to make the perfect career plan. Connect instantly to the best career counselors in Mumbai who will assist you to make the right career decision. After completion of the online career assessment test, the student is assigned a mentor near his/her preferred location. Our career counseling is rated among the top and our best career counselors in Mumbai are highly skilled professionals and experienced individuals. Our career guidance in Mumbai helps in making the complicated career and job-making decisions easy.

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The following are the list of Best and Top Career Counsellors in Mumbai, Maharashtra for Career Counselling:


Sweta Raval

Mentor Code: 1563779332


  •  Career Counsellor


Compassionate Career Counselor with an ability to work collaboratively and independently to provide quality services.

View Details
Harsha Dharamshi

Mentor Code: 1563779322



Education -, PG diploma in Guidance and Counselling, in the process of completing masters in Clinical Psychology. Work experience - Helping...

View Details
Dipti Dharamshi

Mentor Code: 1563779321



Passionate about engaging with youth and supporting them in uncovering their interests, articulating their career aspirations, mapping their career pa...

View Details
Abhishek Singh

Mentor Code: 1563779316



Name: Abhishek Singh Qualification: MA- Psychology with specialisation in counseling BA- Psychology & History Worked with youth 4 Job Currently Ca...

View Details
Nancy Menezes

Mentor Code: 1563779305


  •  Career Counsellor, Co Founder of My Career Rise, MCom, FIII, FLMI. Leadership certificate from IIM

View Details
Omkar Murkar

Mentor Code: 1563779300



Masters from Welingkar Institute of Management. Years of experience in Recruitment and counselling candidates. Managing Partner at Skill4Real LLP

View Details
Neethu Nesan

Mentor Code: 1563779276


  •  Teacher

  •   out of 1 reviews

I am Ms. Neethu Nesan, I have completed Bachelors & Masters in Psychology and Bachelor of Education in English and Geography. I'm really excited to...

View Details
Rajesh Jamwal

Mentor Code: 1563779268


  •  Head - Counselor, Trainings and Placement [College Campus]


PhD in Career Counseling (pursuing), Certified Global Career Counselor, Certified CAREERCATALYST, CAREERCOACH, PSYCHOTHERAPIST, TRAINING & PLACEMENT [...

View Details
Sahil Sinha

Mentor Code: 1563779264


  •   out of 4 reviews

Experience of over 10 years in JEE-NEET counselling and Career Counselor @Allegiance Educare Education - and MBA

View Details
Juhi Chunawala

Mentor Code: 1563779254


  •  Education Content Writer, Career Counsellor

  •   out of 2 reviews

Education Content Writer at Allegiance Educare and delivered more than 100 career counselling sessions. Experience in designing psychometric Test ques...

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Career Counselling

What is career counseling ?

In a very basic term, career counseling is consulting an career expert to solve your career or job relates queries. Like when having a stomach pain you visit a doctor to ease your pain and to recommed you medicines, in same manner you can visit a career counseling centre to get a expert advice on decisions relating your careers and jobs. A career counselor after analysing your psychometric test/career assessment test will recommend you best possible career options and pathway (i. e colleges to apply, entrance exams) to pursue your shortlisted career.

Why student need counselling and guidance in education to build their future ?

With increasing number of student drop out and working professional quitting or changing their job, career counseling is an need of an hour. One of the main reasons for increase in number college dropout and job quitter is due a simple fact, that people aren't satisfied or interested in their current job profile or college studies. They took. Admission college course simpling because their friends are same course or their parents convinced them to do so same goes with working professionals they enter a job just because of its demand in market or high paying salary but don't bother to check that whether the job requirment matches with their own aptitude, interest or personality. Like in case of engineer, many engineer drop out of studies or land up in sales and marketing jobs which are completly different from thier field of studies. They end up wasting a year and also money. So in avoid these situation is advisable to plan your future ahead by taking by career counseling.

Who needs career counselling and when ?

Though it is widely believed only student or job seekers who are confused about career or job requires a counseling but this not the fact, as every should do their career counseling. As career counseling isn't about getting information about a particular career or job it also includes knowing your abilties, learning about alternative and new careers options etc. It basically means making a road map to your future goals. So it advisable for every student.

Why psycometric test are important for school student ?

Pyschometric tests are scientific method used to a guage a person's mental capability and behavioural style. Many students or parents think they have a basic knowledge about a particular career and can google to know the best colleges and jobs for the same or they what his/her child is good at and what he wants to become in future so a a psycometric test is a waste of time amd this where the actual problem lies. Merely having a basic information about a career or making assumptions like if my child is good in drawing so he/she can be a designer or if he/she scores high in maths engineering is best career options for him, isn't a right to decide on person's career. Afterall not all people with talkative personality can have a succesful career in sales and not all people who have a good aptitude in drawing is assured to be a designer.
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