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Stream : Business Management, Economics & Accounting
Sub Stream : Cost Accountant

Building Secretary

Building secretary is a career with a lot of benefits. They are in charge of the front desk and work on reception duties. Building secretaries make sure that the lobby is clean, tidy, safe and welcoming to all visitors. The building secretary has to be able to multitask, have good customer service skills and have experience in the field.

The amount of time for a building secretary's work varies depending on the size of the building. You may need to stay late at night or come early in the morning based on your daily schedule. Other jobs involve doing administrative duties like answering phones or setting up appointments for guests.

A secretary is a person who performs secretarial work for an organization. The duties can vary with the size and type of organization.

Secretary typically do the following:

- They take dictation and transcribe it into text form, usually using a stenotype machine or voice recognition software.

- They manage appointments, keep records of correspondence, and maintain calendars for executives.

- They answer telephones, screen calls, and take messages.

- They handle incoming mail and route it as appropriate.

- They type or word process documents or prepare reports in accordance with instructions from executives.

The scope of a secretary is to take care of the administrative tasks for their boss. They are also responsible for taking care of the clerical work and managing the office.

In India, one can become a secretary if they have completed 10th standard or an equivalent qualification. The eligibility criteria for becoming a secretary in India is that one must be at least 18 years old and should not be less than 18 years old to get appointed as a secretary.

The job of a secretary is not to take over the boss's responsibilities. It is about taking care of the administrative tasks that are not related to the core job.

The scope of a secretary includes taking care of the office, managing schedules, and taking notes during meetings. The pay scale for this job can vary depending on where you work and what tasks you are expected to perform.

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