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Stream : Finance & Banking
Sub Stream : Finance

Financial Controller

The financial controller is responsible for the management of finances and accounting in a company. The job entails managing the budget and ensuring that all transactions are recorded correctly. In addition, they must oversee the company's cash flow and ensure that it remains healthy.


- Managing financial records

- Managing budgets

- Ensuring all transactions are recorded correctly

- Ensuring cash flow remains healthy

In India, the eligibility criteria to become a financial controller is very strict.

The role of a financial controller is responsible for maintaining the accounting records of a company and ensuring that all the transactions are recorded accurately in the books. They also help in ensuring that there are no discrepancies found in the accounts and that taxes are paid on time.

Financial controllers also have to ensure that all payments are made on time and they have to keep track of cash flow and expenses, among other things.

A financial controller is the person who manages and oversees the budgeting and financial management process of a company.

Financial controllers are responsible for setting up, monitoring and controlling the company's operations. They are also in charge of managing all accounting, taxation, and treasury activities.

The job responsibilities of a financial controller can vary from one company to another but as a general rule, they are responsible for managing the finances of their organization.

A financial controller is a person who manages the finances of a company. The job responsibilities include:

- Ensuring that all financial transactions are conducted in the most efficient and effective way possible.

- Managing the budget and resources of the company.

- Managing cash flow, cost control, and profitability.

- Developing business plans for growth of the company.

- Preparing reports on various aspects of finance for management review, board meetings, etc.

- Ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations related to financial transactions of the company.

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