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Stream : Life Science & Environment
Sub Stream : Environmental science


A geochemist is a scientist who specializes in the study of the chemical composition of the Earth. Geochemists examine how chemical elements and minerals interact with one another both above and below ground, and how these interactions have led to natural phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes. They also study how these interactions affect human activities such as agriculture, manufacturing, and energy production.

The field of geochemistry is an interdisciplinary science that combines chemistry, geology, physics, and other geological sciences to investigate the origin of rocks and minerals on Earth. Geochemists often work with other scientists in their research teams to uncover information about the Earth's history or mineral resources that might be used for industry purposes.

Geochemists can work in a variety of different fields depending on their interests or skillset.

Geochemists are experts in the field of geology. They use their skills to study the composition and structure of rocks, minerals, soil, and water. In India, they are required to have a bachelor's degree in geology or geochemistry.

Geochemists are primarily responsible for investigating the composition and structure of rocks, minerals, soils, and water. They might also be involved in geological research on landforms such as mountains or volcanoes. They often work with other specialists such as physicists or chemists to investigate natural resources like oil or gas deposits.

As a job requirement, geochemists need to be eligible for registration with the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). This is because they conduct scientific research on natural resources like oil or gas deposits which fall under CS

Geochemist jobs in India are quite popular and offer a lot of scope. However, they are not easy to come by. Geochemists should be able to take up challenging tasks and must have the right knowledge of chemistry, geology, and physics.

Geologists study the Earth's interior by examining rocks, soil, and minerals; they also study how Earth's surface is formed through weathering processes. Geochemists work in a variety of fields such as oil exploration, mineral exploration, environmental monitoring for air and water pollution control or for other purposes such as geological engineering or natural resource management.

The job responsibilities vary from company to company but generally include:

• Making measurements using instruments like seismographs or gravimeters to find out more about the earth's interior;

• Analy

Geochemists are chemists who study the chemical composition and properties of rocks, minerals, soils, and water. They use their knowledge to understand the natural processes that shape our planet.

The scope of work for geochemist varies from company to company. They can be employed in various fields like mining, environmental consulting, mining engineering and even oil exploration.

Eligibility in India: Geologists must have a bachelor's degree in geology or another related field such as chemistry or mineralogy.

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