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Sub Stream : Physics

Nuclear Physicist
Nuclear physicists are the people who study the nucleus of an atom. The nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons, and nuclear physicists study the forces that bind these particles together. They also study how these forces change when you add different amounts of energy to the nucleus. Nuclear physicists use their knowledge to design nuclear power plants and weapons, diagnose medical conditions, and conduct research on fusion reactions that could lead to clean sources of energy.

Nuclear Physicist is a profession that deals with the study of energy and matter at the atomic and subatomic levels.

Nuclear physicists are responsible for developing nuclear reactors and other nuclear power plants, testing and designing nuclear weapons, research into fusion power, design of nuclear waste disposal strategies, research into radioactive substances used in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Nuclear physicists are concerned with the structure and properties of atomic nuclei. They use the principles of quantum mechanics, particle physics, and nuclear physics to study the fundamental particles that make up the nucleus.

A nuclear physicist typically needs a PhD in nuclear physics or a related field. In India, there is no eligibility criteria for this profession. The average pay for this profession is $71k annually.

A nuclear physicist is a scientist who works in the field of nuclear physics. They are responsible for designing and conducting experiments to study the behavior of atomic nuclei, subatomic particles, and radioactive substances.

In India, the eligibility for nuclear physicist jobs is a degree in physics from a recognized university. The scope of nuclear physicists is to conduct research and development in various areas including: radiation protection, reactor design and operation, radioactive waste disposal, radiation therapy techniques, space exploration techniques like remote sensing and astronomy. Nuclear physicists are paid well as they usually earn anywhere between Rs 100000-200000 per month depending on their experience level.

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