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Stream : Human Resources
Sub Stream : Recruiting or Staffing

Outplacement Consultant

Outplacement consultancy is a service that helps people who have been laid off by a company find new jobs. Job seekers are often in need of assistance to cope with the stress and anxiety of being unemployed. The help they need may be financial, emotional, or psychological.

The career as an outplacement consultant is not for everyone. It requires patience, empathy, and knowledge to help those who are in dire need of assistance.

Outplacement Consultant is a person who provides guidance and support to employees of a company who are being laid off. These consultants help these employees in finding new jobs, developing their resumes, and preparing for interviews.

Outplacement consultants are eligible in India. They can be hired through online job portals or by meeting them at recruitment fairs. The scope of an outplacement consultant is not limited to just one industry. It could be from any industry and the pay scale can vary depending on the experience of the consultant and the client's requirements.

The Outplacement Consultant provides career counseling services to the ex-employees of an organization. The Outplacement Consultant's job responsibilities are to counsel the outplaced employees, and provide them with information on their eligibility for unemployment benefits, retraining opportunities, and other career options.

In India, the scope of an Outplacement Consultant is very limited because there is a lack of awareness about it.

The payscale varies from $30,000 to $70,000 per annum in India.

An outplacement consultant is a person that specializes in helping people who are terminated or laid off find new employment. They help them with the emotional and practical aspects of their job search.

In India, there are no specific rules and regulations for becoming an outplacement consultant. However, it is important to have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

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