Career as Probation Officer

Stream : Law, Defense & Civil Services
Sub Stream : Probation/ Parole officer

Probation Officer

The Probation officer is a role which deals with people who have been convicted of a crime and are serving their sentence in the community.

The probation officer is responsible for monitoring the behaviour and activities of the offender, and to report back to the court if they are not complying with their sentence. They may also be involved in rehabilitation programmes.

In order to be a successful probation officer, you need to have strong interpersonal skills, as well as an understanding of criminal justice systems, law enforcement and social work. You will also need to be able to work well under pressure and have good organisational skills.

Probation officers are responsible for supervising the probationers or convicts who have been released from prison on the condition that they will be under the supervision of a probation officer.

The job responsibilities of a probation officer are to monitor and report on the behaviour of an offender, offer advice and guidance, set conditions and enforce these conditions. A probation officer may also provide treatment for addiction and mental health issues.

A person is eligible to become a Probation Officer in India if he/she has completed graduation from any recognized university or institution with at least 50% marks or equivalent grade in aggregate.

The pay scale for Probation Officers varies depending on the region they work in. The average pay scale ranges between Rs 11,000-14,000 per month (INR).

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