Career as Rating Valuation Officer

Stream : Law, Defense & Civil Services
Sub Stream : Lawyer

Rating Valuation Officer
The Rating Valuation Officer is responsible for all the activities related to rating and valuation of portfolios. They are in charge of the process starting from data collection, analysis, and assessment of risks to finally presenting their findings to clients. The Rating Valuation Officer also determines how much risk a client can take on based on their portfolio’s current status.

Rating valuation officer is a job that requires a person to be financially literate and have an in-depth knowledge of the Indian economy. The job is also suitable for someone who has experience in the banking sector or has worked as a financial analyst, accountant, auditor or economist.

The person needs to be well-versed with various financial instruments and their risks. They need to be able to assess the impact of changes in interest rates, inflation rates and other economic indicators on the economy. They should also have knowledge about various sectors of the Indian economy such as agriculture, industry, trade and services.

Rating valuation officer is a position that is unique to India. It belongs to the category of non-executive directors and is responsible for assessing the risks associated with an organization's assets.

This position requires a person to have an understanding of financial markets, economics, accounting and law. The candidate should also have experience in investment banking or asset management.

The responsibilities of this job include assessing creditworthiness and risk, advising on credit ratings and providing support for capital raisings. They are also involved in monitoring the company’s performance by looking at its balance sheet, cash flow statements, etc.

The role of the valuation officer is to assess the value of property. The responsibilities of this profession include assessing the physical condition and market value of a property, and providing an opinion on the price it should be sold for.

In India, you need to have a degree in commerce or law from a recognized university as well as experience in valuation or appraisal for at least three years.

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