Career as Telephonist

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Telephonist handles calls from customer to solve their queries. A social skill is must for this career.

The telephonist may also be employed by an individual or small business, such as a doctor's office, to handle calls for that business.

To become a Telephonist in India, you can follow the below steps:

1. Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Basic computer skills and proficiency in English are preferred.

2. Training: Training programs are available that can help you to become a Telephonist. These programs cover telephone etiquette, communication skills, and basic office procedures.

3. Customer service skills: A Telephonist should have excellent customer service skills. You should be polite, patient, and able to handle difficult customers.

4. Communication skills: A Telephonist should have excellent verbal communication skills. You should be able to speak clearly and convey information effectively.

5. Telephone operating systems: A Telephonist should be familiar with telephone operating systems and voicemail. You should be able to manage calls, transfer calls, and take messages accurately.

6. Multi-tasking: A Telephonist should be able to multitask and handle multiple calls at the same time. You should be able to prioritize calls and respond to them quickly.

7. Professionalism: A Telephonist should be professional in behavior and appearance. You should dress appropriately, maintain a pleasant demeanor, and be punctual.

8. Work Experience: You can gain work experience as a Telephonist by working in receptionist roles or other administrative positions. You can also look for job openings in various industries that require Telephonists such as healthcare, hotels, and businesses.

Overall, becoming a Telephonist in India requires a combination of education, training, and skills. It's important to stay committed to developing excellent communication and customer service skills to succeed in this role.

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