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Career as Teacher


DESCRIPTION of Teacher :


Teaching is one of the largest professions. Teachers specialize to teach at different levels such as the pre-primary, primary, secondary, senior secondary and university levels. There are specialist teachers who teach subjects such as art, computers, physical education, yoga, music , dance etc. Some teaches specialize as special educators for teaching handicapped or disabled learners. 

Primary school teachers teach 3-5 year olds. They are trained to: 
• Help children develop their use of language, numbers and explore mathematical ideas 
• Teach all subjects 
• Introduce scientific and social science concepts 
• Teach creative and performing arts 
• Plan lessons, prepare tests, prepare report cards, meet with parents, attend faculty meetings and conferences, and supervise extracurricular activities after school. 
• Specialist teachers teach music, art, physical education etc 

Secondary school teachers specialize in one or two subjects: 
• Teach their subject 
• Monitor the growth and personality development of the taught 
• Organize and supervise all co-curricular activities 
• Prepare test papers 
• Meet parents, attend conferences and faculty meetings 
• Suggest curriculum changes 

Lecturers/College teachers hold a Ph.D in the subject. Their work entails 
• Researching and preparing for lectures and practicals 
• Lecturing students 
• Conducting seminars or tutorials for small groups of students 
• Setting and marking assignments and exams 
• Monitoring work projects and placements. 
• Evaluating and guiding research 
• Publishing research work 
• Handling student admissions, curriculum development, examiner ship


job responsibility of Teacher

• Organizational skills
• Excellent communication skills 
• Administrative and record-keeping abilities 
• Power to influence, motivate and train children (who can get very stubborn at times) 
• Patience and lots of it * Very good general knowledge and awareness 
• An academic bent of mind


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 Employment Opportunities for Teacher:

• Schools and colleges
• Universities 
• Professional colleges 
• Art colleges and music academies 
• Publishing houses 
• Distance education tutoring 
• Tution teachers 
• As examiners 
• Columnists 
• Special schools 
• Universities, schools and professional colleges 
• Professional Institutions: medical colleges, nursing colleges, teacher's training colleges, Art institutes, Dance academies


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How to become Teacher?


Educational: From primary school all the way up to college, to arts and sports, training the handicapped, languages and so on, there is no limit to the various subjects and fields that a teacher-to-be can specialise in. 

Nursery schools: Nursery Teachers Training. Minimum qualification: 10+2

Middle schools: Teachers Training Certificate (TTC) or its equivalent. Minimum qualification: 10+2

High Schools: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). Minimum qualification: Graduation

Colleges/Universities: Post Graduate degree, preferably with Doctoral Degree. Also have to qualify the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by University Grants commission (UGC).  

Special schools: Diploma in special Education. Minimum qualification: 10+2

Personal attributes: 

You need to have a blend of mind, patience, confidence, liking for and an understanding of children which is a must. You must have organizing capacity, friendly and helpful nature to enter into this field. Teacher should have the ability to communicate well, to create a liking in young minds even in the case of most boring subjects. She/he should have a deep passion for the subject one handles. Must encourage in students the ability to analyse and think. A teacher must always remember that apart from teaching, it is he/she who shapes a child's character. Teacher has to be a friend, philosopher and guide to his wards.


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Median Pay Scale / salary of Teacher:

Government Schools: Gross salary ranges from Rs 4,000-6,000 a month to start with. Private Schools: Rs 6,000-10,000 per month depending on your qualifications. Lectures draw a salary of Rs. 6,500 to Rs 10,500 at the entry level. The salary at Senior level is around Rs 8000 to Rs 13,500. The pay scale of professors ranges from Rs 12,400 to Rs 22,400.

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