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The Mentor Manual and video can be downloaded from the Training material section on your dashboard.
Yes, an Online Mentor Certificate will be unlocked after clearing the Test, which you would be able to download.
Mentor test is multiple choice questions, timing 15 minutes, with 25 questions.
-What is a career assessment test?  

-Allegiance Educare Career Assessment Test (AECEST) 
-Courses after 10th/12th

-Common Queries by Students  

-Counselling tips  

-Guidelines to design student career roadmap   
-Free Career Assessment Tests
The mentor program is practically designed as per our experience over the years in career counselling. It is not a diploma or degree course in counselling, but a very short certification program designed to guide individuals in choosing the right careerpath based on our Career Assessment Test and Portal. It holds an association with Asia Pacific Career Development Association, International Association of Applied Psychology, Global Career Development Association.
Apart from counsellings from our side, since the no. of counsellings depend on the student's choice of mentor based on mentor profile and geographical location, there is no commitment on the no. of counsellings we provide. Following are few of the points you can keep frequency of counsellings stable (1) We generate student leads which you can open on your dashboard, view details (via wallet credit), Call and explain, share your refferal link and get credited 40% of the student package in your bank account. (2) Incase, a student is not interested in career assessment test and has an information based query, you can share an enquiry form with the student for an expert to call them and you will be credited for that enquiry.
The leads will be paid, but you will be given lead credits to get you started. Calling for career counselling enrolment is optional, Rs.1000 Mentor program fee is lifetime, so you can wait till you get counsellings from our side.
We would love to increase the Mentor referral and counselling fee, but it takes a good amount of expenditure to run the whole show like infrastrucure cost, marketing promotional cost, salaries, miscellenous costs, government compliance fee, development and more. Our efforts to decrease our overhead costs of business is an ongoing process to give our associates the maximum benefits. The pricing, packages and profit sharing with associates are meticulously designed, keeping in mind the competitor offerings and average consulting fee of our associates as per market standards.
Eligibility for Mentor Program - min. 25yrs age, good communication and troubleshooting skills, Masters in Counselling or min graduate with course/certification in career counselling
1 Mentor Workbook * 2 Hours
2 Free Aptitude Test 2 Hours
3 Report Explanatory Video 15 Min.
4 Sample Career Report Reading 45 Min. 
5 Mentor Dashboard Manual 45 Min.
6 Hand holding Session** 2 Hours
The tests we use are our copyright test known as Allegiance Educare Career Assessment Test, AECAT with high reliability/validity. Our proprietory technology: Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine, factors in more than 50000 combinations of more than 600 careers. The end to end automated solution ie. right from shortlisting careers to information in careerbank to suggesting the right course and institute makes the counselling perfect.
Post Counselling Services : Student Helpline, Study Abroad Helpline, Job Placement Helpline
Click here to download the Mentor Course Module.

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