The Interest, Personality and Aptitude tests are applicable for overseas candidates as well.
Career Counselling certification modules are designed to build a strong base in Career Counselling Theory. To prepare you for live counsellings, the mentor program which is a free program with this certification is designed to prepare you for face to face counsellings dealing with practical student queries. You can also enrol to our advanced Executive Counsellor program duration of 45 days for Rs.27,000 !!
-1 month, Career Counselling Certification
-1 Week, Mentor Program
-1 Week, Whitelabel program to start your own Career Counselling Brand
The test results are unbiased and would, so you would explore careers based on the shortlisted careers. We also take 3 aspired careers of your choice to validate the suitability of your choice of careers.
Since you are not confused about a career, dont want to change your career and want to know the growth prospects, in this case an experienced Industry expert or training institutes in the particular career would be the right source to guide you for the latest courses and certifications in the market to add value for growth prospects. The career assessment test can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses in your current career.
Every year, we get an enquiry from NEET aspirants for backup options incase they are not able to qualify. We give them 3 options :

1) If they are looking for career options in Biology with an interest to still become doctor which matches a social interest/personality, then they can select from careers in paramedical/ medical which require NEET like BAMS, BHMS, BPT, Dietician, etc 

2) Other Career options in Biology incase they are not interested in above careers would be microbiology, genetics, etc which are a part of careers in life sciences. But these careers are research based careers and unlike career as doctor doesn't involve the social aspect of their personality/ interest.

(They can always validate their interest, aptitude & personality match for above careers in point 1 & 2, through career assessment test)

3) Incase they are willing to explore other careers apart from Biology, then a career assessment test could help shortlist careers based on their interest, aptitude and personality.
Click here to download the Career Counselling Certification Module.

This is a self paced learning course and incase of any queries on the course material, you can mail us at mentor@allegiance-educare.in and the course instructor will reply to your queries within 72 working hours. The free Mentor program would include a hand holding session to give you live career counselling session experience.
Click here to download the Mentor Course Module.
Our approach is Online Test and automated report with an algorithm calculating a combination of more than 600 careers, which manually is very difficult to acheive. The chances of errors in marking answers, incorporating thousands of factors and shortlisting careers in report is negligible in automated report compared to paper based tests. Moreover the Online Test and automated report is far more cost effective and less time consuming with much better results. 
Why Whitelabel?
1) Save development time and money of the portal on Tests, Automated Report, payment gateway, Mentor listing and other features.
2) Ready made educational content like Forums, Blogs, CareerBank, etc.
3) Ready to use Mentor database for counselling across India.
4) Use our proprietory trademarked technologies like Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine, CareerBank Search Engine, Student Relationship Management, Counselling Bot in your promotions.
5) Periodic updation of latest features and content.
6) Access to leads.
7) life time subscription of Rs.25000, with no renewal charges.
8) Pay as you go....Top up tests, mentor packages as per your requirement.
9) Multiple revenue generation models ie. Career Counselling, Mentor program, Seminars, etc
The test questions have high reliability ie. most of your answers to questions will remain the same even after an year irrespective of other factors and conditions. 

Allegiance Educare is among the top career counselling companies.  We help student/professional in making a right career decision throught career counselling process. Our process includes an online career assessment test which takes into consideration a person's aptitude,  personality and career interest. A 36 pages assessment report is generated based on the test given. Face to face career counseling session is followed thereafter, where our certified trained mentor assists you in choosing the most suitable career path.


We follow a step by step program which includes the Test, Report and face to face counseling with Mentors.

Online Career Counselling allows a student to take the online psychometric Test from the  place of his/her own choice. One does not need to travel from one location to another for taking an online Career Assessment Test. All that one requires is a good, workable internet connection.

The second step after the completion of the test , which is meeting the career counsellor or career advisor, can be done over popular video softwares like  whatsapp video, skype, or zoom call.

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