Facts About DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Examination!

Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board is up with the examination for the post of Junior Secretariat Assistant which is going to be held from 1st to 23rd of April 2022. Since you don’t have much time left for the preparation, I am sharing some interesting facts about the DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Examination which will assist you to score high and keep yourself calm during preparation.

The  most important things which you have to remember are the silly mistakes done by candidates during the examination:

1. Panicking: Candidates get nervous while sitting in the examination hall because of the examination fear. So you should attempt Previous Year's DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Papers to reduce your examination fear.

2. Forget To Answer: Because of hurry candidates skip some questions to attempt it after finishing the exam but they forget to answer those and submit their tests.

3. Time Management: Candidates should attempt some DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Mock Test Series so that they could understand how to manage their time during the examination. For this, you can refer to Testwale as I am practising through their Mock Test Series which is very helpful for me and I hope it will suit you as well.

4. Be in Hurry: Usually candidates are in rush and keep moving forward and forward to answer all the questions but what is needed; candidates must read a question twice before answering it. By doing this they can manage not to skip a lot of questions during the actual examination.

5. Not Planning Your Answer: One of the reasons people run out of time is that they do not plan their responses well. They don't know what to attempt first and later on, so they keep rambling, wasting exam time trying to get all the questions answered. 

Along with these mistakes you also need to read some do’s and don’ts during the preparation of this  examination:


Choose Your Study Materials Wisely: Always rely on those trusted sources of study materials that are suggested by experts or exam-qualified candidates as they have better knowledge about the examination which can be helpful to you. 

Make a Study Plan: Make a proper study plan like what topics you are going to start with and how much time you will spend on different topics.

Keep Yourself Away From The Gadgets: Avoid gadgets as much as you can and if you want to refresh yourself, you can play outdoor games to keep yourself fresh but don’t rely on gadgets as this will consume a lot of time once you start streaming videos from YouTube or any other platform for your entertainment purpose.

Make Factual Notes: In the last week of the preparation don’t read the whole syllabus. For that purpose, you should make some factual notes to get things on your fingertips.


Being Yourself Too Comfortable: Always learn new things, once you finish the topic, you should solve different questions under different topics so that you can go beyond your comfort zone.

New Tips and Tricks: Just Don’t apply and learn new tips and tricks to solve your questions as this will leave you in doubt. They are quite important during the exam as they save a lot of time but sometimes they do not work when concepts based questions are twisted. So, you need to learn concepts rather than relying only on tricks. 

Study In Bed: Candidates should avoid studying in bed. They have to fix their timings for studies which shouldn’t be in the late night as this time you should take a rest of at least 6-7 hours to be fit and fine.

Study For Long Period: Psychology says that the human mind can concentrate on a single thing for only 50 minutes. So, during preparation, it is very important to give yourself a short break to make you charge again.



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