Study in Netherlands

The Netherlands is in Northwestern Europe. Almost half of the country, the home to over 60 percent of its population lies below the sea level. More than 2,400 kilometers of dykes shield the country from invasion by the North Sea. The Netherlands is a parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy with Amsterdam as the capital. The main language is Dutch. But there are nearly 1,500 study programs taught in English. The Netherlands is often incorrectly called Holland. North Holland and South Holland are only two of its twelve provinces. If live and study outside these two provinces, you better say ‘The Netherlands’; you may win more friends that way!


There are 13 regular universities in the Netherlands. They include three technical universities and an agricultural university.The Nuffic (Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education) provides a free service for evaluation of Foreign Degrees to become eligible for Dutch Colleges.

The tuition fee is low compared to most other countries.Since Institution for Higher Education receive funding from variety of sources- government grants, tuition fees and revenue from external work.

Eligibility : 213 in TOEFL and 6 in IELTS should be a good enough score to get admission in Colleges. Certain programs may need higher score.


Cost of living and studying is between euro 700 and euro 1000 a month. Your monthly roome rent between euro 250 and euro 600.


You should report to the Aliens Police within 3 days of your arrival in the Netherlands. You should have adequate health insurance. You are allowed to take paid work for a limited no. of hours per week alongside your studies.

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